Individual therapy is called for when a client wants to meet alone with a therapist to work on struggles they may be having within themselves, with their mood and behavior, and in their relations to others in their lives, both personally and professionally. Having a safe place to explore and resolve these issues within a therapeutic relationship can often help. We at Family Matters of Marin are trained in multiple modalities to address issues in many areas that a client may be struggling with. In individual therapy, it can become clear that a referral for family, child, or couples therapy may also be needed. If that is the case, we will explore your options with you and give appropriate referrals at that time.


Couples come to Family Matters of Marin when they are having trouble communicating or connecting. Maybe the relationship has become stagnant after the couple has children. Perhaps the couple has become distant or conflictual because of the day-to-day stress of work and parenting. We help couples find their way back to one another so they can create the kind of relationship they desire.


At times it is important to have individual therapy with a child. Children can struggle with mood or behavioral issues that benefit greatly from individual therapy or a combination of individual and family/parenting support. A child is part of a larger family, so we work closely with parents and other family members as well. When we work with a child, we first meet with the parents for an intake appointment, at which we ask many questions to learn as much as we can about you and your child. You will learn about the therapy process and we will determine goals for treatment together at that session. To learn more about child therapy, please visit out blog post titled “What to Expect When Your Child Comes to Therapy.”



Teens in Marin face many stressors in their social, emotional, and academic worlds. They can feel very alone, so having a therapeutic relationship can be of great benefit in helping them to navigate through the complexities of their world. They may also be struggling with issues of identity and sexuality, which can be confusing. It is helpful for them to have a safe space free of judgment where they can explore who they are and who they are becoming. At Family Matters of Marin we help teens with their communication skills, identifying their feelings and needs, and expressing them in safe and healthy ways. We also help teens develop skills for coping with the different pressures in their lives, help them to moderate their mood, and help them develop healthy coping strategies for the future. In addition, we often work with teens to identify their passions and interests. We encourage them to become engaged with their interests, giving them a sense of purpose and hope, and empowering them to create a bright future for themselves.


At Family Matters of Marin we often treat the whole family in one form or another. One struggling family member can affect the whole system. At times, it takes the whole family to shift and change to create new dynamics that are healthier for everyone. To learn more about family therapy at Family Matters of Marin please see our blog post “What to Expect in Family Therapy.”

Parent coaching

Parent coaching can be helpful when parents are struggling with their children’s behavior. In therapy we meet with the parents alone to address the problems the child and family are struggling with.  We offer suggestions and problem solve together to come up with solutions that the parents then try at home. In our first phone consultation, we will explore what your needs are and the appropriate form of support for your particular family. For more information on parent coaching please visit our blog post “The Difference Between Coaching and Therapy.”


Currently we are offering one group for mothers - The Mindful Mothers Support Group. This group meets biweekly. Mindful parenting can be defined as the ongoing process of intentionally bringing moment-to-moment, non-judgmental, open-hearted awareness, as best one can, to the unfolding of one’s own lived experience, including the process of parenting. This group is open to mothers with children of any age, to mothers who yearn for a like-minded community of support, and to mothers with varied experience of Mindfulness Practice.

Download the Mindful Mothers Support Group flyer here.