“I went to Anneli for Parent Coaching. As she says on her website, “Parenting can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable, but is not always easy. In fact it can be demanding, frustrating, and exhausting.” This is how I felt and was eager to learn from her. Anneli’s methods, knowledge, and deep understanding of parenting issues came through in her sessions. Her calm and confident manner helped me feel comfortable and helped me learn and retain the invaluable techniques and skills she taught. I highly recommend Anneli, she helped our family tremendously and I am a better parent for it.”

— Michelle, mother of 2 young children in Marin


“I came to Anneli for help when my daughter and I were going through some very big transitions in our lives. I was very concerned about a huge disconnect from our usually very tight relationship. I needed help with her challenging and sassy behavior. Anneli’s help came from a very compassionate place. She helped me see and understand my daughter’s “off-track” behavior from a different perspective. After I had a deeper understanding of my daughter’s feelings and actions Anneli gave me concrete and very helpful tools to work with. After only one session we developed a plan and had a list of ideas to work with. I felt immediate relief and a sense of hope for myself as a parent, as well as for my relationship with my daughter. It was so amazing to have such a supportive ally, helper, and masterful guide to work with. I no longer felt alone. With Anneli’s help I was able to get to a place where I felt confident as a parent again. My daughter felt good about herself and connected with me once again, but in an even deeper way.”

— Tatyana


“I have had the pleasure of facilitating a MFT consultation group in which Anneli was a participant so I know her work with clients well. Anneli is a committed, caring, and a well-informed therapist with many years of experience under her belt. I would not hesitate to refer her clients and I have, because I trust her abilities as a therapist implicitly.”

MFT, Clinical Supervisor, and Consultation Group Facilitator in Marin